Bob Danhieux Douglas | About

I am an artist that works in several different mediums, painting, traditional printing and photography.


Many of my recent paintings and prints started with a journey through a loss of hearing. At first the works were introspect and depressing but eventually as I've come to accept my predicament my art changed.


The source of many images is Kaimu, the newly created volcanic black sand beach on the Big Island of Hawaii, ocean and sky during full moon twilight. The Nikon D700 camera, well known for its extreme low light capabilities, facilitates the abstraction of elements and conventional interpretations. It allows a certain degree of control to warp time and form by using long exposures, or through physical movement of the camera or lens, creating images which do not reflect a reality defined in real time. They blur time in objects, water and skies. I use the camera as a hiding place–a safe zone for expressing thoughts. If I didn't have that, it would be virtually impossible for me to communicate at this level.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I studied and was surrounded by architecture while growing up in Belgium. My initial interest in hyper-focus from foreground to background–no motion blur–where I would wait for hours for perfect light, or the wind to subside, evolved into my current process–today orders of magnitude looser. Expression which once escaped me, is now constrained only by my understanding of the craft, in an ever-expanding vocabulary.